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Would you like to own a fishing boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

Hola Amigos! Over the years many folks have asked about the opportunity to own a boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While buying a boat, maintaining a boat and operating it is costly and challenging, we have a solution that may appeal to you. If you come to Cabo to fish often, are a timeshare owner or would like to have a boat to offer to friends or business partners when they visit, this may be for you.

Very similar to a timeshare, this plan would involve sharing a boat that is purchased and managed by Lands End Charters. By partnering with other owners, and sharing the cost of the initial purchase of the boat, Lands End Charters will handle everything else. From managing the crew, maintaining the boat, chartering the boat while not been used, to making sure your boat is ready when you come to town. You just sit back and enjoy your fishing boat while in town.

This would be a 10 year sharing agreement, where for 10 years, you would have a boat sitting in the Cabo San Lucas Marina waiting for you to go fishing. The best part of all….it will cost less than a normal 1 day fishing charter! For 10 years, you would be entitled to 5 full fishing days a year for you or anyone you know. Choose your 5 days at the beginning of the year, then just come down and enjoy!

For the average cost of 1 full day fishing trip a year, you can have your fishing boat sitting at the marina. The total cost for the 10 years would be $9,995.00 or an average of under $1,000.00 a year, basically the cost of 1 full day all inclusive fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The total would be paid in full in advance, should you decide you would like to be part of this offer.

The boat has not been purchased yet. Once we have commitments for at least 10 weeks, we will begin the search. We will be looking for a boat between 34 and 38 ft with room for at least 6 anglers, full head, salon and obviously great to fish on. We would have a target price range of between $100,000 and $200,000 fully outfitted. There are many great boats in this range that we feel would be great options.

The first year, will be on a first come first serve basis, In other words, the first to agree to jump on this will have first weeks choice. We will maintain a calendar with available weeks, once we have our first few commitments. ***The first week is already reserved. Weeks will be maintained unless a change is requested. For those wishing to change days, we will hold a random drawing every year to determine changes.

Yes, once all partners have chosen their weeks, you can request to change to specific days if they are available.

Yes, the 3 days of fishing for the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament will be used by Lands End Charters. Typically the tournament is held in the 2nd half of October. All other weeks are open.

Yes! This is a huge advantage for many. Should you decide not to visit Cabo one year, or would like to offset your cost, you can choose to make your days available to charter. During the year we may receive requests for the boat during your week, we will advise you and you would be entitled to the charter fee, minus expenses for that day or days. The charter range should fall in the $800 to $1,000 range per day with an 80 you/20 us split of charter fee.

Yes. This will allow us to maintain the boat, pay the monthly slip fees, crews etc. Without the ability to charter the boat during non reserved days, this would not be possible.

Lands End Charters will be responsible for all maintenance, repairs, slip fees, crew costs and any other expense related to the boat.

All partners will be notified of any issues, repairs, inspections, weather concerns etc… if they were to potentially cause an issue during your days. In the event that the boat is in repair during your days, we will substitute with a comparable boat for your time.

No. This agreement is for 5 full 8 hour days of use. There will be no live aboard option or overnight stays aboard the boat. You can choose to stay out longer than the 8 hours if you agree to pay any additional fuel costs in advance. Similarly, you can choose to use the boat for sunset cruises, or snorkeling, as long as you pre-arrange through us and agree to any additional costs for fuel or crew.

You are entitled to a full 8 hour fishing day for 5 days. Crew, fuel, dock fees, gear, live bait are all included. You would be responsible for having your fishing licenses, any food and drinks or anything else you wish to bring aboard. Transportation to and from the marina are also not included. Of course, we will be able to help arrange anything you need, and you can count on wholesale rates on anything you need.

Fill out the form below and add your name to the interest list, we will contact you with what comes next (this will depend on where we are in the process). You can also call us anytime toll free 800-281-5778 or email any specific questions by clicking here

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