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There is a 5% Cancellation fee on any amount paid after booking a yacht charter should you decide to cancel after booking.  There are no refunds on any amount paid for trips cancelled 10 days or less prior to your trip.

Failure to show for your charter or cancellations inside of 24 hours will result in a full charge to the card on file for the total charter cost. 

COVID 19 – Should your flight or travel be restricted due to Covid related issues, we will refund your deposit inside of 10 days with proper documentation (flight cancellation notice, posted government restrictions etc.) The 5% cancellation fee would still apply but can be used for future credit.

**SUDDEN ILLNESS – The most common issue we have regarding cancellation, is sudden illness. We cannot cancel and refund your money because you or one of your guests claim a sudden illness, without proper medical documentation.

We will waive cancellation fees due to sudden illness with proper medical documentation, we understand that emergencies happen. We require written proof from a certified medical professional or institution to refund money paid for your trip. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy.

There is no controlling mother nature. Our policy is always your safety first and we may have to cancel scheduled trips due to weather. The Port Captain of Cabo San Lucas is responsible for closing port for sailing or any water activities, if the conditions are deemed dangerous. If we are forced to cancel your trip, we will first try and re-schedule if possible. If we are unable to reschedule we will  refund 100% of any money received. Should we feel there may be an issue with weather before your scheduled trip, we will do our best to inform you. A little tropical rain or wind happens in Cabo San Lucas during certain times of year, we will not cancel trips unless it is officially deemed dangerous by the Port Captain of Cabo San Lucas.

Motion Sickness: We cannot be held responsible for trips cut short due to sea or motion sickness. Some of our guests have a high tolerance for motion and others feel ill even before getting on the boat. There are no refunds due to motion sickness. We recommend you take this into consideration before booking.

No. Each yacht has a license and charter permit for a set number of passengers. This permit ensures the yacht has the necessary safety equipment and crew on board in case of emergency. The only exception is children under 3 years of age in some circumstances and on some yachts. 

NO…we book a lot of yachts every month. We sometimes have to turn folks away because we have no yachts available. Yacht inventory is incredibly low and does not meet the level of demand on most days, especially during our busy months. Many believe that they can get a “deal” by finding a yacht that is without guests for the day. Yacht owners do not negotiate their rates for day charters. We recommend booking at least 14 days in advance.

Also, some of the salespeople wandering the marina may offer yachts that typically don’t belong to any specific fleet and therefore have very little incentive to provide a good experience. There is a reason they might seem cheaper than others. PLEASE be careful and do not hand cash or cards to anyone claiming to represent a yacht without ensuring your dealing with someone you can absolutely trust.

No. Each yacht must report to the port captains office the number of guests on board upon departure and adding others is not allowed. You must also consider that strangers are not responsible for damages and are more likely to cause your charter to end early. The Captain has the authority to end any charter early due to unruly or unsafe behavior to ensure the safety of guests and crew.

We have a designated check in location at the marina where our staff will greet you and walk you to your yacht. The confirmation email we send will include maps and written instructions to this location. Please remember that all yachts are located on secure docks and you will not be able to board your charter without a Lands End Charters representative. Some yachts do require a short walk to gates, please inform us if anyone in your group requires assistance or has mobility concerns.

Yes. Most yachts and chefs can prepare menus to accommodate guests with food allergies or restrictions. food is prepared on board. Some yachts offer  food that is prepared off the yacht but can also offer guests options. Please discuss any dietary concerns with us at booking, we are happy to help.

Many of our crews speak very good English. The crews all speak enough English, the majority of our clients are English speakers and they are able to interact and  We do have crew that speak excellent English, if this is important to you, please ask when booking.

The crew work very hard to earn your gratuity, typically gratuities range from 10% to 20% of your charter cost. It is customary to be done in cash at the end of your charter and handed to the captain who will distribute the amount among those who helped make your day amazing. If you would like to add the gratuity to your card at booking, we are happy to help and guarantee that every dollar goes to them.

Each yacht has a different policy for cash. We are able to offer cash discounts in some instances, please ask at booking.

All of our larger yachts have a chef on staff and only offer all inclusive options on charters. There are a few of our yachts that offer a bare boat charter (crew and fuel only). Please ask at booking if you prefer a bare boat charter and we are happy to accommodate if possible. 

We only accept yacht charter bookings by phone. A credit or debit is required for deposits and will be placed on file. 

We will discuss any specific requirements, food and drink options and ask for information needed to complete your reservation.

You will receive a full confirmation by email.The confirmation you receive will have exactly what is included and the cost clearly shown. It will also include instructions and maps on where the check in for your charter is located.

No. There will be specific instructions on the cofirmation on how to pay your balance. Payment in full must be made 24 hours in advance of your trip. There will be a link on your confirmation where you can make a secure payment by card. There is a 6% fee if we are forced to charge your card on the day of your charter before departure. 

Please view our itinerary page here.

We have had the privilege of hosting celebrities, athletes and others that require absolute privacy. We can accommodate any specific privacy concern including no cell phones and special departure and arrival procedures to maximize your privacy. Please discuss any special requirements with us at booking. 

Yes! We love to work with those in charge of arranging travel. We work hard to ensure that you will be the one they call for their next trip. Call or email and ask about our travel partner program.